travelling cranes

We manufacture for industry, several types of travelling cranes. From small and portable cranes, to larger models of 5 and 10 tons.
There are used different systems of rails and commands. Details upon request.

Single Girder Crane (Monorail)

They are manufactured in capacities from 500-15000 Kg. They have limit switches at the two speeds of the three movements (lifting, cross travel and bridge travel) and the cross and brigde movements are performed with variable frequency, allowing as required use, and customer order, startup acceleration and final deceleration
The great versatility of models can take advantage of the maximum travel elevation and carriage and bridge movements. Its relatively low own weight, it´s ideal for lightweight craft.



Double Girder Crane

They reach capacities from 500 to 50,000 kilograms. Higher lift height allowing to place the hoist between the beams of the crane. The double grider crane is the answer to transport heavy loads over the entire service area. The crane moves on a track directly formed by hot-rolled steel. The ABUS Hoist is also located here between the crane beams, giving it a greater hook height. Depending on requirements, the crane and electric hoist can be fitted with electric motors commanded by variable speed drives. The user can control the crane hoist wherever by a local movable or remote controller. .